The Beauty of Grace

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Grace is unmerited favor shown to you by God. You do not have to work for Grace because God gives grace freely to anyone who believes. I myself have been shown grace daily in small and big ways. As it says above in Acts 20:32 grace can build you up. Without the grace of God I think I would be stuck in a huge rut in the past. I have been through a lot and would not have made it through without the grace of God. I look forward to my time with God and to seeing his love each day. It really keeps me going especially in my current situation (another post).

Everyone eventually walks into trouble in one way or another. Without grace we would just be stuck in that trouble but with grace we are forgiven and God will help us out of our troubled times. He will even guide us to a new direction. Sometimes you need to just sit back and relish in the love of God. This is something that as a Christian I really need to work on. I now have more time to spend with God and I am taking advantage of it.

The Beauty of Grace a book written by Dawn Camp brings us stories of grace. It has many sections like surrender and worship that include personal stories from many different contributors. The stories will remind you of God’s love for you and show you how he has showed others the same grace he has shown you. Sit back and think about how God showed you his grace today. Share with me in the comments because I would really love to hear your grace stories.
You can find and purchase this book at The Beauty of Grace.


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