Non-Candy Preschooler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter will be here before we know it. This is the time of year where holidays seem to roll around one after another. We have birthdays this month as well as Easter and we get quite busy.
I am trying to keep my cavity toothed child (they are fixed now) away from candy this Easter. I know my family will give her some but I do not want to. I have come up with a few replacements for candy that young kids will still enjoy.
1.) Books
My daughter loves to read so I plan to get her a couple books to stick in her basket.
2.) Art/craft items
Most kids love to draw or color and do other crafts. I think supplies like coloring books, markers, or crayons would make great basket stuffers.

3.) Basket itself
I will be getting a review up of an awesome bucket that will make a great Easter basket. Christine loves to play in the sand and water and it will be a good gift.

4.) Small toy/stuffed animal
Stuffed animals and smaller toys always make great gifts. We will probably not so the stuffed animal but a small set of blocks instead.
5.) Clothes
I know some kids think getting clothes is boring but we make it fun. We get Christine a cute dress to wear on Easter and then she gets an outfit or two for Spring in her basket. My mom even hides outfits sometimes. My child loves clothes so she enjoys getting them.

Other ideas for non-candy items are balls, bubbles, stickers, and even accessories like hats or shoes.
What ideas do you have for non-candy Easter basket stuffers? 


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