My Love Story

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday so I thought it would be fun to share my love story. My husband and I met in 2006 on a phone chat line. I know it’s a crazy way of meeting isn’t it? At the time we weren’t really looking for love but we ended up falling for each other. I remember our little honey moon stage. It lasted up until we had our daughter.

We were touchy feely and people could tell we really loved each other a lot. My husband proposed to me on January 19, 2009. I believe that was the year. I am horrible with dates sorry. We did not get married until June 12, 2012. We just went to the courthouse and got married and maybe one day we will have our big wedding.

We are still very much in love but our relationship has hit bumpy paths since we had our daughter. I fight daily to show my husband I love him. It is very hard for me to express my love in ways he will accept. He feels unappreciated and I am unsure of how to show him how much he truly means to me. My life is now where I want it and with whom I want to be with.

How did you and your love meet? I would love to read other love stories in the comments.


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