Great Kids Snacks Subscription Box Review

Great Kids Snacks is a subscription box that is packed full of healthy snacks for you little ones. You can put the box in reach and not worry that they will be picking a bad for them. It was packed with so much that I will be doing a 7 day review. I will feature one item each day and review it for you.

The first snack out of the box was the Fruit Me Up applesauce pouch. Christine loves squeeze pouches like this and she really liked this one. I am sure it was gone in two minutes. I did get a taste and it was pretty yummy. It was all natural and not loaded with sugar and that was a plus to me. I don’t think Christine cared though. She was just happy that it tasted good and was in a pouch.
Keep your eye on the blog for the next 6 days to see more of the great snacks in the box.
You can also learn more about it at the links below.


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