Balance Bars Make Great Snacks

In the Summer and when school starts it is really hard to get in a healthy fast snack as an on the go mom. I am really glad Wal mart and Balance Bar have my back. There is a huge variety of bars in your local Wal mart store. I was happy to find some of my favorites locally.

I am a huge fan of these two flavors. I am not a big chocolate fan so I prefer these over the others that are offered. The mixed berry are my daughter’s favorite. I am happy that we get to enjoy them together. Balance Bars are non GMO, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free. I also love that they are not loaded with sugars. They give us the energy we need to make it through the sluggish afternoon. If you want to learn more about them please visit the sites below:

Balance Bar website
Balance Bar Facebook
Balance Bar Twitter
Balance Bar Pinterest


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