90 day Weight Loss Challenge

I have not talked about my weight on my blog too much but I do need to lose some weight after having  a baby. I gained over 50 pounds throughout my pregnancy and am definitely not happy where I am. I have started to eat healthy and started my walking again. I was chosen by Creative Bioscience to participate in a 90 day weight loss challenge. I am able to pick one supplement to use for those 90 days. I went to their website to find the product I would like to try and I decided I want to try African mango 1200. This product is recommended for those wanting to lose over 20 pounds and I need to lose way more than 20. I decided that it is the best product for me to use right now. It will help me lose weight without hunger cravings. It will help to curb my appetite and help me feel full. I am hoping this will help me lose some weight and get me on the right track to keep up my weight loss. I hope to lose 15 pounds during this challenge. I do not want to share my weight but will update on a number lost.I will be doing a monthly update for the next 3 months.

 If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the Creative Bioscience supplements use code CHMOM at Life Fit Store which has the products for up to 60% off and the code will make it 15% more off and free shipping! That is a great deal! 
If you are a blogger and are interested in joining the 90 day weight loss challenge go apply HERE


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